Write A+ Papers is specifically designed for beginners and struggling students.

There are only four types of sentences. Once you know how to identify them, then punctuating them is easy.

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Types of Sentences




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The Sentence Identification Method

It teaches you how to easily identify the four types of sentences.

When you know what type of sentence you are writing, punctuating it is easy.

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You vs The Rules of Grammar

About The Author

   Write A+ Papers exists because of the dedication of Beverly Herrick.  It is the system she developed to teach her students the basic rules of punctuation.

Beverly Herrick, M.Ed.

Beverly Herrick found that most of the seniors in her English classes did not know how to correctly punctuate a sentence.  Unwilling to give students low grades for a skill they should have already learned; she developed the sentence identification method to quickly teach them the essentials of punctuation.

Beverly taught English for over 25 years. She left the classroom to take a job as an assistant principal and later as a middle school principal. Beverly passed away during the summer of 1998 after a long battle with cancer.

She earned her students respect and admiration by showing them that success was possible and they could earn an A in her class.  In the years that followed, many students credit their success in college and business to the skills they learn in her class.

Teaches the Basics

It cuts out the confusing rules. So you can quickly improving your writing skills.


Sentence Builders, Wally and Sam, help you master the basics of punctuation.


Interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.

7th Grade to 70's

Designed for beginners and those that just need a refresher course.

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These films were created by Elizabeth Herrick when she was in middle school. They played at over 100 film festivals around the world and won numerous honors.

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Robert is a writer, computer game programmer and an award winning filmmaker. He has helped create over 52 computer games and educational software programs and has worked for Activision, Electronic Arts, and managed the development of “EZ-Language” and “Cabela’s Big Game Hunter.”*

He is also the parent of award-winning film maker Elizabeth Herrick. Elizabeth’s films, “My License”, ”Killer App”, “iControl”, and “Home Cooking” have been accepted to over 100 film festival and have won several awards.

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The goal of Write A+ Papers is to make you a better writer, not an expert in English grammar.

With Write A+ Papers you can improve your writing skills in just a couple of hours.

The Sentence Identification Method has been successfully used to help thousands of students improve their writing skills.

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